"A healthy and brilliant child is a National wealth". Tomorrow's nation is built on today's healthy child!

"SASH helps your child to improve physical health and mental health by offering holistic ayurveda treatment and required therapy under one roof"


SISUKA deals with the care of the child from the conception to till the maturity. Here we focuses on all aspects of nursing and healthy upbringing of newborns, infants and children by holistic approach for better progeny and society. Also aims in prevention and cure of childhood diseases. The children are prone to many diseases because of their immature immune system. There is a wide scope for Ayurveda in pediatric practice. eg.

  • To increase immunity of a child.
  • To provide best mental health care.
  • Excellent supportive management of malnutrition.
  • Management of allergic disorders, especially respiratory allergies.
  • Management of genetic disorders like DMD and other myopathies.

There is a special place in Ayurveda for the support of a woman's health during pregnancy and the postpartum period. An understanding of all phases of fetal development and of how best to nurture the mother during each one is crucial to optimizing the pregnancy while securing the long-term health of both mother and child.

Ayurveda has provided so much importance to child that even the care related to female and its disorders are described under "Kaumarbhritya" (care of children), which is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda. It is that part of Ayurveda, which deals with child rearing, childhood illness and their treatment.


Breast feeding has an important role in raising a healthy kind in terms of physical and emotional health. It is essential to eat nutritious and specific diet prescribed to improve the quality as well quantity of the breast milk. Breast milk has all essential nutrition to make your child healthy and smart. Poppy seeds, dates, exclusive churana made of herbal ingredients, etc are fed to mothers who lack in breast milk to feed the baby.

  • Regular feed of rasayanas for children like Brahmi, Chyavanprasha, etc improves mental health, concentration power, memory and make them intelligent.
  • Ghee is an important ingredient that boosts the health of the children. Most of the Ayurvedic medicine prescribed for children is mixed with ghee. Don't miss ghee in your child meal.
  • Abhyanga, the ancient practice of massaging the body with oil, calms the nervous system, lubricates and rejuvenates the tissues, and promotes healthy circulation throughout the body.This practice can be incredibly calming and soothing to a child's nervous system and it benefits both the physical body and the more subtle realms of consciousness.

Santhosh Ayurvidhana aims at prevention and cure of diseases pertaining to childrens with atmost care available in our Hospital under Sisuka department


Suvarnaprasha is an ancient health tonic for children . The purpose is same as modern vaccination to prevent disease by building immunity .Suvarnaprasha is an Ayurvedic technique to enhance immune powerand improve the intelligence of child.


  • It improves verbal and cognitive function of brain.
  • It improves child's grasping power.
  • It develops immune power in kids which acts as a safety shield against disease and complaints occurring due to seasonal change.
  • Also helps to recover early in cure of illness.
  • It improves the memory of child.


We provide treatment for diseases like -

1. Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy
  • A Congenital disorder of movement muscle tone or posture.
  • Difficulty in movements walking.
  • Development delay.
  • Speech disorder.
  • Behavioural problem.


Overall goal of treatment is to help the individual with cerebral palsy reach his or her greatest potential physically, mentally, and socially. Treatments improve the quality of life by establishing optimal independence.

Treatment for CP involves intensive Panchakarma therapy program along with researched oral medicines. Therapies like Abhyangaswedam, Nasyam, Pichu, Shirodhara, Pizhichil, Njavara or mamsakizhi, Vasti are done based on the presentation , various other treatments are also provided .The condition can be better treated with behavioural therapy , duration of therapy could range from 2 weeks to 5 weeks.

Repeatation of therapies in small courses either individual or in combination intermittently will yield great benefit and stands as long term support for CP child.

2. Autism

  • A Serious development disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.
  • Inappropriate social interaction.
  • Self-harm, persistent repetition of words or action.
  • Development delay.
  • Sensitivity to sound.
  • Interested only in a limited number of things.


  • Panchakarma therapies and medicated ghee intake which will promote your babies mental health.
  • For the treatment of autism, we first need to improve the digestive power of the children; Rajanyadi and Ashtachuranam would be a good choice as it brings down kapham. Then the ghee-based medicines can be administered.
  • Panchakarma in the form of abhyangam, vasti and takradhara are some of the Panchakarma techniques that can be done.
  • Many options are available depending on the individual symptoms of the patient. Early treatment addressing these issues will help affected children.


  • Attention deficit hyper activity disorders.
  • Hyper activity or Aggressive behavior.
  • Absent mindedness , short attention span.
  • Mood swings & learning disability.


  • Several panchakarmatreatment procedures ( snehapanam, virechanam, vasthi, thalam etc ).
  • Internal medicines.
  • Behavioural orientation classes will help your child respond better which we are providing here.


  • Muscle weakness that begins in the hips, pelvis, and legs.
  • Difficulty standing.
  • Trouble learning to sit independently and walk.
  • Unsteady, waddling gait.
  • Walking on the toes or balls of the feet.
  • Clumsiness, falling often.
  • Trouble climbing stairs.


As the root cause of this problem is defect in the genetic configuration , we can only minimize the severity of the problem, helping in muscle growth and improving quality of life of the concerned fellow. Accordingly the line of treatment will be:

  • Ensuring proper nutrition and growth of the muscles.
  • Maintaining a good range of movement for all the joints.
  • Proper nutrition to the body as a whole.

6. Epilepsy

  • Sudden jerks in arms.
  • Strange feeling.
  • Sudden blackout & fainting.
  • Stiffness in muscles.
  • Twitching or trembling of muscles.


  • The main objective of the Ayurvedic treatment is to strengthen the brain and restore the proper function of the nervous system. Nourishing herbs with a tonic effect are prescribed along with diet and lifestyle adjustments that emphasize a light easily digestible diet and avoidance of mental strain.
  • Meditation and other relaxation techniques should be used regularly to ensure that stress does not disturb the electric activities in brain.
  • Doing Yoga, Pranayama regularly have positive effects on brain chemistry and help curing epilepsy.

7. Myopia

  • Sits at the front of the classroom.
  • Moves very close to the TV or movie screen.
  • Lacks interest in sports or other activities that require good distance vision.

Along with blurred vision, your child may:

  • Squint and frown.
  • Get frequent headaches.
  • Hold books or other objects close to his or her face.


  • A complete regime including both internal and local treatment modalities are rolled out which spans over a period of 2-6 months.
  • A comprehensive approach incorporating Ayurvedic procedures to rectify the root cause, eliminate blockages in the eye channels, reinforce and energize the optical nerves and tissues along with proper dietary habits are introduced. The procedures undertaken during the course of treatment are:
  • Samshodhan: Detoxification and purification by virechana and medicated eye treatment
  • Nethradhara: Medicated herbal decoction is dripped over the eyes which has very good healing effects on the eye.
  • Nasya: Drops of herbal medicine is put into each nostril and made to come out through the other channels. This helps in clearing any blockages in the channels. Mostly this is done as for a continuous period of may be 3 months.
  • NethraTharpana/ NetraVasti: The words mean "nourishing the eye". Medicated herbal oil/ghee is poured and left in a flour compartment around the eyes for few minutes. The medicinal properties of the oil nourish, strengthen the eyes and helps to cure the disease. The procedure has both curative and preventive effects.


  • Poor weight gain.
  • Slowing of linear growth.
  • Behavioural changes - Irritability, apathy, decreased social responsiveness.
  • Anxiety, and attention deficits.


  • Nutritional intervention to mother.
  • Panchakarma treatments according to patient condtion.
  • Drug intervention- improves appetite.
  • Snehapana to improve weight and strength.
  • Symptomatic management, wholesome nutritive food.


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