STED COUNCIL has had the unique good fortune it having a succession of eminent directors to direct its destiny along with an extraordinary advisory board and educational experts in India, who are guiding STED COUNCIL and its students to the world of success. STED COUNCIL is an esteemed organisation stood for a spectacular development for providing Computer, Technical, Management & Professional and all kind of 400+ job oriented courses with standardized syllabus designed and approved by STED COUNCIL authority for providing quality education and training all over the country at all social level which mobilize people to participate actively in the development programme of the Government. Legality, validity, utility of the course/education programme is strict conformity with the constitution of India and law of the land under Government Act article 19(1)G, 29 & 30.

Recognition of Degree/Diploma by Govt. of India

Notification No. P 26/4/52 C.C.


Ministry of Home Affairs

New Delhi

Dated : 20th September, 1952

Recognition of the Examination

According to Ministry of the Home Affairs Government of India, Notification No. 26/4/52 C.C. dated 20/09/52 issued in consultation with the Union Public Service Commission, that in case of Degree/Diploma awarded by Board & University in India which are in corporate by one Act of Central or part B & State Legislature in India. No formal orders. Recognized automatically for the purpose of employment.

The courses are run on the approved standard pattern of syllabus, which maintains high academic standard and carries out numerous functional activities through its various local centres. We organize scientifically planned training programmes in a very affordable cost. STED COUNCIL an autonomous and an educational organisation registered since 2005 to satisfy the educational needs of school dropouts, working adults, housewives and socially disadvantaged and under privileged sections. The mission of STED COUNCIL is to provide education for all with special concern for girls & women, rural-urban youth, working people, SC/ST challenged & other disadvantaged groups. All Educational Boards/Universities are autonomous bodies. It is left to the discretion of University either to allow or refuse admission to a student from another University. In this way every State Government is at liberty whether to provide service to a person who has passed out from a particular University or Educational Board. Regarding the question of recognition, STED COUNCIL is at present one of the leading educational organisation of the country and its courses are similar to the courses offered by various Educational Boards. The successful students of this organisation are serving in Government and Private organisations and gaining admissions in various Universities and Education Boards, they are achieving success in the field of livelihood. This Board was established under the compulsory and constitutional provisions of Indian SR Act XXI-1860. STED COUNCIL is not in receipt of any grant-in-aid either from the Government or from the UGC, so far. Therefore UGC Act is not applicable to Board. Viewed at from the fulfillment of provisions of the articles 14, 19(1), 21, 29, 30, 45, 46 344 & 351 of the Indian Constitution 1950, STED COUNCIL. is a matter of appreciation. Under Human Rights Protection Act, 1993, autonomous bodies like the Board have been given special protection. For further details please see AIR 1993 SC 217B. STED COUNCIL registered under Govt. of India Planning Commission, an added autonomous board running successfully. Which is run by under the Indian Trust Act 1882, to educate those who are not educated in conventional manner pioneer board of all deeps in the country.


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